Gaimin Gladiators wins Dreamleague Season 19 after beating Team Liquid in the final

During the sunday evening Gaimin Gladiators secured their victory in Dreamleague Season 19. They beat their rivals Team Liquid in the final best of five. Winning Dreamleague awards the european team 300 000 dollar in prize money and a guaranteed spot in the upcoming Riyadh Masters, reports the esport news site

It was the beforehand odds favorite who ended up winning Dreamleague Season 19. Even though a major patch was released just before the playoffs, the dominant team Gaimin Gladiators defended their position as the current best Dota 2-team.

The sunday final required maximum of five games to separate the two teams. They traded wins with eachother in the first four games ending up in a 2-2 score. Gaimin Gladiators won the more close maps meanwhile Team Liquid were completely dominant in the two maps they won.

On the fifth and final map on the other hand it was Gaimin Gladiators who came out strongest. Their heroes Slark and Doom ended up being too strong for Team Liquid to handle. The Doom were running at them with his ulti activated and Slark could have a good fight stacking up his buffs by hitting the enemy.

Team Liquid and Gaimin Gladiators are by far the two best teams in Dota 2 right now. However, after the recent major patch which includes some of the biggest changes ever in the game other teams might figure out the new meta better than the current dominant teams. With just over a week until the Berlin Major teams will come even more prepared and that event will tell us who might be the top teams moving forward.

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